Andy Tran

Finding a hair replacement solution can a difficult task as hair restoration is an extremely personal concern. Hair loss can have a negative impact on people, both physically and psychologically. These days, having a hair replacement solution that feels and looks as natural as possible is very important.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to seek the advice of a hair replacement expert. At Virginia Hair Transplant, we can determine the right hair replacement solution for you.

It is not the job of your regular hairdresser to diagnose your hair loss problem or recommend the best course of action. Our team of experts, however, can determine your problem and suggest the right hair replacement solution by looking at your condition and considering various elements of your lifestyle and general health.

Here are some of the most effective hair replacement solutions available:

  • Cover Cream

For mild hair loss, you can consider using a topical solution like a concealing spray or cover cream. These products temporarily cover the thinning or balding spots. You do not need to worry as the color of these products matches with your hair’s shade.

  • Wigs

For severe or complete hair loss, wearing a full wig may help you. Today’s wigs and hairpieces are created to benefit those who are suffering from hair loss problems, so you can find one that suits your exact needs. You will not have to deal with heavy conspicuous wigs.

There are coverage wigs for women and men that are natural-looking, so they are often unnoticeable. You can find wigs in various base materials for maximum fit and comfort. There are also materials that can offer near invisible hairlines or extra security.

These wigs can provide a great form of hair restoration solutions that restores your confidence. Many wigs these days are even made of real-human hair, that way you cannot tell the difference of it being a wig or not.

  • Hair Transplant

If you are suffering from considerably thinning hair or balding, the latest hair technology can help to address the problem. Women and men who are suffering from thinning locks on top can benefit from hair integration.

Follicle renewal or “hair transplant” is a procedure where hair is surgically removed from one area of a person’s body, and relocated to another. This is done strand-by-strand and was discovered over a half century ago. The hair from the sides and back of a person’s head are strong and more resistant to balding, so they are more useful in other, more visible areas of the head which previously had lost hair.
If you are ready to restore your confidence and your hair, our team of skilled professionals can help you find a solutions that fits you best. Hair thinning and hair loss can be a tragic moment in one’s life, and we are in the business of helping people feel better about themselves. If you or a loved one are in need of professional advice, call Virginia Hair Transplant today.