Andy Tran

When you are deciding on hair transplant surgery in Virginia, it is essential that you pick a doctor that employs board-certified plastic surgeons that are skilled and experienced with ground-breaking and advanced techniques. Virginia Hair Transplants surgeon’s credentials are superb, and they provide state of the art hair transplant surgeries in a state of the art facility assisted by a dedicated medical team.

Our team appreciates and understands the patient’s viewpoint during the process of treatment. This is why Virginia Hair Transplant emphasizes customized care in a comfortable and relaxing setting. We allow patients to visit our facility to have a tour of it before their surgery, so they can be sure that they will be comfortable in our hands.

A True Expert

Hair Transplant surgery is provided by a wide range of clinics throughout the country. Some surgeons might claim they are “certified” hair surgeon experts, but are not. At Virginia Hair Transplant, we employ only board-certified surgeons with years of experience doing surgeries. Our surgeons have studied at renowned universities and colleges and have gone on to further their education and expand their skills.

Our Remarkable and Top-of-the-Line Facility

Our hair transplant medical practice is conducted in a new, custom designed, setting and office. We provide the same, customized care our patients look forward to in a luxurious, bigger space, which features the most ground-breaking high technology equipment, as well as amenities made to meet all your needs. Our wide facility is both roomy and beautiful, allowing our patients to be at ease and have access to the best service. It features extra treatment spaces and is proof to our dedication of giving superb treatment and care.

Excellent Results

Our team is known for having consistent and amazing results for men and women who choose us for their hair transplant surgeries. Our main focus is bringing back hair in a way that looks completely natural. A lot of patients are worried about their hair looking like plugs, which was popular years ago. However, rest assured that we avoid such results with the practice of our state of the art approach and techniques.

Using our state of the art approach, our hair transplant experts restore tiny follicular groupings of hair to the top and front of the scalp. Our objective is to make a natural looking hairline and ensure every hair is placed in a way that it grows and lies in the proper direction. Our team has has had excellent results from patients year after year.

If you are balding, your hair is thinning, and you are ready to get your confidence back, having hair transplant surgery could be the best route for you. Hair transplant surgery can help you to see yourself in a better light. Our surgeons are the best around and ready to answer any of your questions and respond to your concerns.
If you would like more information on hair transplant surgery or want to schedule an appointment, contact Virginia Hair Transplant today.