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Hair transplant surgeries have grown to be even more amazing because of the latest technologies that doctors are using. NeoGraft is one of the technologies that is used for hair restoration. Through the use of the latest technologies, and with the skills of the doctors, hair transplantation is possible.

NeoGraft is one of the best solutions to hair loss available today. This is one of the best tools that is being used to perform surgical hair transplantation. Since hair transplants are serious operations, it is necessary to use the tools and technologies that can help surgeons and their staff to successfully perform the a transplant.

NeoGraft’s in Virginia

NeoGraft is one of the latest FUE advanced devices. It has regular hardware and software updates as well and continues to become an important tool for all hair transplant doctors.

Most surgeons are starting to use NeoGraft machines to easily and successfully perform hair transplants. Hair transplantation is an intensive procedure that needs to be performed by a surgeon with expert surgical skills

The NeoGraft machine is a great tool, but when it is used by the wrong individuals, it could cause serious problems. FUE hair transplantation has been gaining so much popularity along with the NeoGraft machine. They both provide surgeons with an effective tool for FUE harvesting. However, it is not the machine but rather the level of skills of the physician that will guarantee excellent results.

NeoGraft is quickly becoming the most popular procedure method for many expert hair transplant surgeons. It uses Follicular Unit Extractions, which is a popular way form of hair transplantation that effectively works with small amounts of hair rather than strips.

It uses gentle pneumatic pressure in order to obtain and implant individuals hair follicles as well as small clusters. Since it uses the exact amount of pressure needed, patients can always expect a shorter recovery time.

NeoGraft’s Change Lives

NeoGraft can produce as many as 1,500 hair follicles in just a single session. With this high output capability, NeoGraft has been noted as the most ideal hair transplant procedure for an individual with hair loss issues. It is also perfect for those who do not want to keep going back for more sessions. The automated nature of NeoGraft also minimizes the likelihood of nerve infection and damage with the tiny incisions.

It is very important to fully understand what a hair transplant procedure is before deciding it is what you want. Hair is harvested from the donor area in the back of the scalp and how the hair is harvested depends on which methods are best for you.

At Virginia Hair Transplant, all of our hair transplant methods are effective and leave our patients completely satisfied. While there are ways to extract hair and replace it, each patient is different and may need a different procedure.

If you would like more information on NeoGraft’s and FUE hair transplants, contact our professionals at Virginia Hair Transplant today! We can provide you with information that will answer all of your questions and ease your concerns.