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There are many skilled hair restoration clinics and surgeons that can perform hair restoration procedures. In the last couple of years, the hair restoration area has refined methods which produce natural looking front and back hairlines. At our clinic, we do both STRIP and FUE surgical hair restoration procedures.

Virginia Hair Transplant is a patient focused surgical facility where attention and personal care is provided to each and every patient. We exclusively specialize in surgical and medical correction of hair loss as well as other scalp and hair disorders. We distinguished ourselves from other clinics as we primarily focus on FUE surgery and we provide the most modern technology and modalities to make sure graft survivability.

Hair Restorations in Virginia

We make it simple for potential patients to know more about hair restoration, its limitations, and benefits. The option to have hair restoration is a considerable decision to make even if the processes are relatively simple to carry out. We promise to provide you with complete information in a relaxed, warm, professional setting in order for you to make the best choice for yourself. Your private session or meeting is with our skilled patient educator and professional hair restoration surgeon.

At Virginia Hair Transplant, we take pride in comforting our future and current patients by informing them with all possible information on your hair transplant surgeries. A surgery like this can be a big deal for some, and we help to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible.

Whether or not you choose to undergo hair restoration, or when you choose to have a restoration somewhere other than our facility, patient edification is our main objective. We want our patients to be totally informed of their choices. We strive to spend the same amount of time with every patient.

Our Patients are Our Main Concern

The safety and education of our patients is the main concern of our team of dedicated staff. We want our hair restoration procedures to be safe and patients totally informed on their restoration surgery. Development in medical technology has permitted the cost of our hair restoration to be reasonable on virtually any budget. We provide the most competitive rates, while offering the utmost level of experience.

Virginia Hair Transplant aims to help every patient, no matter what their budget may be. We try to make it a goal to not witness anyone incapable of changing their life because of financing.

We are patient focused and not commercially focused. A number of franchise clinics give emphasis to revenue, volume, and speed, rather than committing the time and personal care needed to produce the best results. Clinics which are commercially operated usually depend on doing large quantity of hair restorations rather than providing superior and high quality hair transplant services.

At Virginia Hair Transplant, each and every patient has our focus and attention when they are here. Our entire team of skilled and friendly professionals gives their dedication to the patient and their surgery. If you are ready for a free consultation, contact us today for more information!