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The FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is the alternative process for carrying out follicular unit hair transplant. On the other hand, compared to the predominant follicular unit transplant process, wherein a strip of donor tissue has been dissected and removed under the magnification, FUE process makes use of a tiny instrument known as the Alpha Graph Machine for extracting every follicular unit one by one.

The FUE hair transplant Virginia and strip excision procedures are creating one, two, three, and four hair follicular unit grafts which will then be transplanted in the balding region in a similar manner. The major difference between these 2 procedures is the strategy that has been used for harvesting the follicular unit grafts. FUE is a lengthy procedure for the reason that just up to 1800 graphs could be carried out per session. Candidates should qualify for such a procedure.

How Does It Work?

Scalp hair is growing in the naturally occurring groups that are known as follicular units. Every follicular unit contains one to four hairs. When it comes to FUE or follicular unit transplantation, a single strip of the skin will be harvested from your scalp within the back part of your head and then, with the use of a special microscope, the strip will be dissected into each naturally occurring follicular group of one to four hairs.

This particular technique comes with many different benefits. These include completely natural results, no scars within the recipient region, quick healing, and the capability to carry out huge sessions so the restoration would be completed in a short period of time. However, the disadvantage of this particular technique is that it is producing the linear scar within the donor region, though the scar has been extremely fine.

There are some clinics out there that specialize in this kind of service and they are performing such procedures on patients who are expected to have full yield of growth from an extraction strategy. This particular procedure can be done anywhere in Virginia.

A FUE test may identify with people who have optimal hair and scalp characteristics, to obtain the greatest benefit from this procedure. Within the test, follicular unit extraction is carried out in the sample region in the rear portion of your scalp. It will be performed under a local anesthesia and it takes around 15 minutes. Patients that pass the test would be good candidates for FUE or “follicular unit extraction”. When the test is negative, a traditional strip removal with microscopic dissection is the best option.


Patients Who Would Benefit from Follicular Unit Extraction

  •       Patient with restricted hair loss; or people who need small sessions
  •       Those who are wearing their hair extremely short
  •       The treatment of a tiny cosmetic region, like eyebrow restoration
  •       Patients who have an extremely low donor source, a marked donor region or extremely tight scalps

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