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Hair transplants have dramatically evolved over the years and all throughout the hair transplant revolution, techniques have come and gone. But with the dawn of modern technology and innovation in the hair transplant industry, a new technique known as Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE, has become popular and in demand. It is changing the hair transplant industry and this procedure is here to stay.

FUE Hair Transplant surgeries are a minimally invasive method used in harvesting and transplanting hair. This treatment includes the removal of individual follicular units directly from a patient’s donor site and are then replanted into the scalp.

Who Should Opt for Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE Methods?

FUE hair transplants may not be suitable for all, but this remains ideal to most people. Individuals who should opt for this surgery include:

  • Those with small areas of baldness.
  • Those who wear shorter hairstyles.
  • Women and men with small areas of baldness.
  • Those that want a quicker recovery.

Fue Hair Transplant

FUE is proven to be a surgical technique that is minimally invasive. However, this requires the expertise and higher skills of a surgeon to be able to perform this technique successfully. FUE Hair Transplant consistently results in successful outcomes, especially in terms of natural-looking hairlines and hair density.

Another great part of this technique is that this rids of donor linear scarring. This is an easy surgical procedure performed by a highly skilled and knowledgeable surgeon who can guarantee the best results from FUE which include natural hairlines.

These are just few of the best parts of FUE, however; individuals still have to note that the success of this procedure depends on essential factors like choosing an experienced surgeon and the medical treatment program.

FUE Hair Transplant Step-by-Step

The following is the common step-by-step procedure when performing a FUE Hair Transplant:

  • The patient will be asked to comfortably lie down in a specially designed operating bed.
  • The anaesthesia will then be administered.
  • Under a tool known as a magnifier, a needle and a special device are used in extracting a required number of follicular units from the patient’s head.
  • The follicular units are properly kept in chemical solutions only until the extraction is completed.
  • The patient will then be asked to sit up and again, anaesthesia will be administered so the follicles can be placed in the proper position.
  • On the recipient area, the cuts are made with customized blades.
  • The follicular units will be implanted to the cut by the hair transplant surgeon.
  • The patient will be prescribed with some antibiotics and pain killers and will need to take these medicines as suggested by the surgeon.

A FUE hair transplant surgery can be a life changing moment in one’s life. It helps to restore confidence and makes people feel better about themselves again.

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